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but will the election? >>neil: if you are out of power, you are watching me on batteries, but the latest numbers in follow show 8 mill homes without power because of the storm and three million in new jersey alone. on the phone is from one of the biggest utilities in new jersey. and we are getting information from long island that the power authority going to likely be out of power for another ten days. why is it so long in so many areas? >>guest: that is certainly understandable. the storm caused wide-spread damage. the company has 930,000 customers out. we serve about 1.1 million. so you can see that is most of our customer base without service right now. much of the problem is centered around our big transmission lines that came down. we have to make repairs to those first before we can route the power down the street to the homes. >>neil: now, it seems to be taking much longer than in prior storms, obviously, because of the severity that is not too surprising but, why so long in so many areas? >>guest: well, you have to rebuild your electrical system if many areas of the state. that means pu
, and it might have struck him vu because five days before the election forgive pat caddell if it looks like a great 70's period with the long lines affecting jimmy carter. could it come back do bite this president? >>pat: it is a question of how were time. there probably is nothing that starts shortening temperatures more than not having electricity and waiting for hours for gasoline and when you cannot get gas for the generators or cars, all this camaraderie, people are human beings and it frays. i believe it is a question of enough time. the president came to new jersey yesterday and said, everything will be fine. that is how people want to believe. now he campaigning. by sunday or monday i would get there are people going, it is not fine. it is not fine. he is out campaigning, i have that gas, why isn't he there? people do caught in want to stay in line. >>shepard: in the states that it is happening they are safe blue states. but how does everyone else feel? >>pat: when they hear the people because they see them on tv saying, why isn't here...the natural thing is, wait i thought he was g
are not here to disparage anyone on the right or left, but election night has not come we cannot pat ourself on the back yet over the cleanup efforts. this is far more life threatening event, far more important than anything i do or bo does and to say when this is not even done, that everyone should be taking a bow and commending themself on the right or left it makes you sick. does anyone remember this? >> you are doing a heck of a job, brownie, fema director working 24/7. they are working 24 hour as day. >> happened in weeks of that? we all know that pat only went so far. fast forward today and michael brown says get ready for someone in the administration to start looking for a scapegoat because it will get worse. maybe a lot worse. maybe to the point, michael, what bo was raising, the possibility of maybe more bodies being found because some of the homes are only now getting accessible. here is what amazes me, the last i knew, staten island is still part of the city of new york city. someone should be asking this question, how many urban search-and-rescue teams have fema deployed to stat
the election next week and that will be a huge game changer depending on how that plays out and then the focus is going to be this fiscal cliff and the political circus in washington and they will hang everyone out to try i am sure no matter who selected to the very last minute and it is unbelievable that here we are, a couple years later and we are finding ourselves in the same political position and everyone is on pins and needles but the bottom line for the market, the market can thought deal with all of this uncertainty and i think it is going to be a negative as you work toward the end of the year. >>neil: do you think we should have shut down the last two days? >>guest: i think the markets need to be open and need to run. it is a terrible event what they are going through on the east coast and in new york but life goes on. we have been through mother native vents -- mother nature's events and this is a world-wide market and people want to trade and they should be open. >>neil: great to see you. thank you very were. the new york stock exchange is open for business. to hoboken new jersey,
to the storm. this has frozen the political world. we will hear from mitt romney who hopes to be elected president a week from tomorrow. in the meantime, a mess. >>neil: to the left of the screen, in iowa, where mitt romney will be addressing a crowd after dramatically d the president has canceledy his. the blob on the right of the screen is the reason why, hurricane sandy not so dandy for one in five members in the path. it is a wide swath of land that could be affected. if everyone comes through, we hope and pray they do, the line is, a lot of folks for days but potentiallot only weeks and that would go right through the election. la sabato, this would be unprecedented. what do you do? later later it is unprecedented. this is the first time in american history that two hurricanes have affected a presidential contest in the same year. the first hurricane obviously being the one that cut a day off the republican convention. so, it is really unusual and, re, who would have thought that the october surprise was a hurricane? that mother nature would be the one generating the october surpris
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)